5 Ways to Use Microsoft Word to Become a Better Writer

Whether we put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, writing is an essential skill we must all learn to develop. Here are 5 simple ways you can use Microsoft Word to become a better writer and editor.

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I Published A Book!


As part of a Mental Health Awareness campaign, I wrote a book about depression. My book, entitled It’s All Fogged Up, raises awareness about the importance of mental health and reduces the stigma and misconceptions which have long been attributed to mental illnesses. I wrote it in the hopes that it might aid others dealing with their own mental illness.

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Is Wibbly Pig The Next Dexter?


Wibbly Pig

I had a dentist appointment today. I got there a bit early and had to go wait in the waiting room. The kids there were all watching TV and clapped excitedly when the show “Wibbly Pig” came on. Having nothing better to do, I sat down and watched it with them. The TV was muted, so obviously, I had to do some serious Sherlockish detective work to figure out the episode’s plot.

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The University Pokedex – Part 2


In my 2nd year, I started documenting the different types of people I spotted at university. It’s all the fun of completing your Pokedex, without the ethical burden of having to imprison sentient beings inside TARDIS-like tiny red and white balls. A while back, I posted Part 1 of the University Pokedex, so go check that out if you’ve not yet read it!

UPDATE: And here’s Part Three!

Disclaimer: I realise it’s pretty much impossible to compartmentalise people since each one of us beautiful people is so unique and special and everything, but I’m going to do it anyway. Everyone will fall into more than one category and that’s completely fine; this isn’t in anyway accurate (why would you think it is?) and as you can probably tell, the descriptions are exaggerated for comedic effect.

TL;DR, this is all done in fun and I mean no disrespect to anyone who gets offended.

All that being said, let’s continue the numbered list we started in Part 1 and have a look at Part 2 of the Univeristy Pokedex!

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The 2-Nice Effect

Robin Sparkles

It’s common knowledge that Canadians are thought to be the nicest people on the planet. If you punch one, they’ll probably apologise for hurting your fist. And most of them work out so much they’ll actually hurt your fist if you do happen to punch them. But what happens when one nice person meets another nice person?

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