I Published A Book!


As part of a Mental Health Awareness campaign, I wrote a book about depression. My book, entitled It’s All Fogged Up, raises awareness about the importance of mental health and reduces the stigma and misconceptions which have long been attributed to mental illnesses. I wrote it in the hopes that it might aid others dealing with their own mental illness.

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The Bannister/Barrister/Barista

Quite a while ago, I witnessed a girl stop to pick up an empty Starbucks cup from the floor and walk towards the rubbish bin to throw it away. At least, that’s what I thought she was going to do.

Instead, not only did she walk past the rubbish bin, she actually slowed down to check what was in it, as though she was looking for something.

She sat down in the row in front of me and calmly placed the cup on the table. Then she proceeded to check her face in her phone screen’s reflection (perhaps she didn’t realise it had a front-facing camera) and for no apparent reason, she started to methodically ruffle her hair (this took about five minutes and didn’t make any difference at all to her physical appearance).

Then, she took a marker out of her giant handbag and wrote what is presumably her name on the Starbucks cup. She made sure to add lots of hearts (which looked more like blobs than anything).

Then, as though posing with a celebrity, she took a deep breath, held the cup up next to her face, made absolutely sure the writing was visible, and took a picture of herself.

She then took her laptop out and connected the phone to it. She downloaded the picture to her laptop and (surprise, surprise), opened up Facebook in her browser. Because everyone knows that you can’t upload pictures to Facebook through your phone.

She posted the picture with the Starbucks cup and wrote something about how “dat hotttt barrister” (she actually spelled it out loud), who just happened to have a massive crush on her, got her name wrong (even though I’m guessing she wrote it correctly on the cup) and how it was so hilarious because she has the same name as this “bannister” (Yes, she spelled it out loud. Again. And managed to get it wrong. Again).

Apparently, she got served coffee by a talking handrail which works at the local Starbucks in its free time when it’s not too busy practicing law or being permanently attached to a staircase.

I’m guessing she has a very short memory span because she refreshed her Facebook feed, saw her post pop up, and genuinely believed what she wrote was true.

How do I know this, you ask? Because she saw the post, liked it, and (I kid you not) immediately took a sip from the empty cup. She spent the rest of the lecture refreshing the page to check for likes and comments.

Meanwhile, as you can probably imagine, I spent the rest of the lecture thinking of good unisex names for a bannister and silently lamenting the death of the English language.

Tile vs Budget Key Finder

When I first got my hands on the CA$120 Tile Combo Pack, I immediately went out and bought a 4-pack budget key finder, which cost me under CA$30—less than a quarter of what the Tile Combo pack is selling for. I wanted to compare the two and see if the Tile was really worth its hefty price tag. Which one of these is worth your money? After using the two for a few weeks, my answer might just surprise you.

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My Idiot Brain and Watches: To Wear or Not to Wear?

PinguAs any socially anxious person will most likely avoid eye contact and not tell you, a major reason why they might not wear a watch is because they become abundantly aware of how much their watch-wearing arm swings about compared to the other arm. My idiot brain, for example, worries that I might end up looking like Pingu on cocaine. To be fair, I reckon I could probably pull that look off.

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World Mental Health Day 2016


Living with a mental illness like depression can be overwhelming. It can manifest in different ways, from the anxiety which creeps up as soon as you leave the house, to the inescapable emptiness which leaves you numb inside. Living with a mental illness is difficult, but it has NOTHING to do with weakness.

Mental illnesses can affect anyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or location. Having one is nothing to be ashamed of. That you get up and fight your demons every day is a testament to your sheer strength and bravery. But you don’t need to fight every battle by yourself. It’s OK to need help. You are not alone.

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