I Published A Book!


As part of a Mental Health Awareness campaign, I wrote a book about depression. My book, entitled It’s All Fogged Up, raises awareness about the importance of mental health and reduces the stigma and misconceptions which have long been attributed to mental illnesses. I wrote it in the hopes that it might aid others dealing with their own mental illness.

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Samsung Galaxy Book Review

I’ve had the opportunity to test out the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 as part of a campaign with The Insiders Canada. The main thing I wanted to know was whether this 2-in-1 device could replace my trusty laptop. After using it for almost a month, here’s what I think.

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Tile vs Budget Key Finder

When I first got my hands on the CA$120 Tile Combo Pack, I immediately went out and bought a 4-pack budget key finder, which cost me under CA$30—less than a quarter of what the Tile Combo pack is selling for. I wanted to compare the two and see if the Tile was really worth its hefty price tag. Which one of these is worth your money? After using the two for a few weeks, my answer might just surprise you.

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My Idiot Brain and Watches: To Wear or Not to Wear?

PinguAs any socially anxious person will most likely avoid eye contact and not tell you, a major reason why they might not wear a watch is because they become abundantly aware of how much their watch-wearing arm swings about compared to the other arm. My idiot brain, for example, worries that I might end up looking like Pingu on cocaine. To be fair, I reckon I could probably pull that look off.

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World Mental Health Day 2016


Living with a mental illness like depression can be overwhelming. It can manifest in different ways, from the anxiety which creeps up as soon as you leave the house, to the inescapable emptiness which leaves you numb inside. Living with a mental illness is difficult, but it has NOTHING to do with weakness.

Mental illnesses can affect anyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or location. Having one is nothing to be ashamed of. That you get up and fight your demons every day is a testament to your sheer strength and bravery. But you don’t need to fight every battle by yourself. It’s OK to need help. You are not alone.

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